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An exquisite Texas-based Fine Art Gallery whose walls are decorated with a luxurious combination of world-class paintings and sculptures.

K.H.world Fine Art is the global distributor of select pieces by some of the greatest names in the Art world. Our works invite you to travel the roads of Mexico, view the modern world through the eyes of its history and tradition, and experience ancient cultural expressions presented in a contemporary setting. It is a unique place that allows us to remember and perpetuate a spirit so colorful that it pulses through modern life, creating a lasting connection from past… to present.

Located in San Antonio, Texas, K.H.world Fine Art showcases an extensive line of international art for the more discriminating buyer. Our collection encompasses oils, watercolors, lithographs and bronzes from around the world, and includes works of notable masters such as Carol Miller, Rubén Reséndiz, Cristina Ruiz, Sergio Bustamante among others.

We cordially invite you to join us for some challenging and knowledgeable art world conversation. You too can experience first-hand what a fertile imagination and love for a country can produce.

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101 S. Santa Rosa,
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